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Turns to black.


Multiparameter Indicators Type 4 (ISO 11140-1 / 2014, IRAM 37101-1 / 1999, clase D EN 867-1 / 1997).

121 ºC / 20 minutes, saturated dry steam.

134 ºC / 3.5 minutos, saturated dry steam.

Paper strips 180 g/m2 , 205 x 17 mm.

2 reactive areas of 70 x 3 mm.

• It has been manufactured to be used inside and outside instrumental boxes, pouches, paper bags, cloth, etc..to check the sterilization process , showing with its final colour, that the process has complied with the requirements of sterilization ( temperature, time, dry steam).
• A final colour, different from a dark or black colour will be showing that one or many of the parameters for sterilization has not been achieved.
• This indicator turns from blue to black whenever the stablished parameters have been fulfilled.


The quality of this integrator will assure a permanent record of the process for a period of at least five years. It is recommended to place integrators both inside and outside the containers to be sterilized in this way any variations on the sterilization process such as too much water condensation can be also detected.

Química Del Santo

This indicator verifies that the process has been properly completed when it turns from blue to black.


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