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Química Del Santo S.A. is a company specialized in manufacturing chemical indicators of sterilization processes.
Chemical indicators of sterilization will allow you to check the fulfillment of established parameters ,assuring that the elements are submitted to a defined and correct process of sterilization (steam, dry heat, ethylene oxyde, plasma, radiation gamma, formaldehyde) are ready for its use under sterile conditions.


Química Del Santo S.A. is a modern company keeping pace with innovation and research but keeping as well its history and traditions.

Química Del Santo - Juan José Del Santo

The original company, Del Santo y Cía. was founded by Juan Jose Del Santo on the year 1929, and gained a relevant position in Argentina as an importer of high precision watches from Germany and Switzerland.
In 1972, after the death of its founder, Elsa Del Santo , his daughter, took over the leadership and gave a new course to the company , leading it to the health area and becoming a supplier of chemical and biochemical reagents, changing its commercial name to the current Química Del Santo S.A.
At present our company is characterized by its industrial profile, being innovative and dynamic, always on the search of new products related to hospital sterilization.

High quality and competitive prices of our products have consolidated Química Del Santo S.A. as one of the principal Argentine exporters of indicators for sterilization thru Europe, Africa, Asia, USA and the rest of America.
Química Del Santo S.A. is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.


Química Del Santo - Sr. Cristian F. Wimpfheimer

Sr. Cristian F. Wimpfheimer.

Química Del Santo - Dr. Aníbal F. Márquez

Technical Director , Development Manager, & Quality Control Manager
Dr. Aníbal F. Márquez.

Química Del Santo - Sr. Luis M. Lombardi

Administrative Manager
Sr. Luis M. Lombardi.

Química Del Santo - Sra. Ivana R. Troncoso

Administrative Chief
Sra. Ivana R. Troncoso.

Química Del Santo - Sra. Anabela M. Ferrari

International sales Manager
Sra. Anabela M. Ferrari.

Química Del Santo - Sr. Diego Flores Mauri

Domestic sales manager
Sr. Diego Flores Mauri.



Every product manufactured needs to pass the strict lab quality controls for both ISO 11140:2014 and ISO 9001:2015.

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Química Del Santo S.A. bases its performance on three key basic facts:



Every single product which has been manufactured by Química Del Santo S.A. has been submitted to a strict quality control using top notch technology (CIER: apparatus chemical indicator evaluator resistometer) guaranteeing the fullfilment of criteria for both iso 11140:2014:and iso 9001:2015.
Of every product samples are kept for five years preserving evidence of its performance.


Chemical Indicators are products which allows the verification of fixed parameters assuring the correct sterilization process.
Our indicators are for these sterilization processes: Steam /Dry heat / Ethylene Oxyde / Bowie Dick Test Packs / Formaldehyde and plasma.



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